Western Wedding

Western Wedding Korovai


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Title of Original Illustration:  Western Wedding

Medium:  Graphite and Pencil Crayon

My collage of symbolism for a Ukrainian Wedding was inspired by the announcement of close friends decision to be married in a small village within the Carpathian mountains of Hutsulschyna. The groom’s Hutsul style hat of braided trim and feathers sits beside the bride’s Podillian style vinok of wheat and a variety of flowers. The traditional “Korovai” braided wedding bread sits at the centre of the illustration. The tremendous symbolic Korovai has ancient origins and comes from the pagan belief of the magic properties of grain. The decorations of the two birds made of dough at the top represent the couple and other birds represent family and friends. The Korovai is surrounded by a wreath of periwinkle. a symbol of love and joy. All elements sit on the rushnyk, an embroidered towel which would be spread before the alter symbolizing the hope that the newlyweds never face poverty or “stand on a bare earthen floor”.

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