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Title of Original Illustration:  Povzunets

Medium:  Graphite and Pencil Crayon

The classic Kozak dance meaning “crawler”, has become iconic for its characterization of kozaky camaraderie and recognizable for its “tricks” which are demonstrated by dancing in a squat position.  The exuberant energy and skill that it takes to perform these tricks so effortlessly is absolutely amazing!  I have captured the background fellows who cheer on the soloist madly performing their skill.  The costuming is styled after the kozaky dress of the central region of Ukraine with “sharovary” (big baggy trousers), the “poyas” tied around the waist, boots and hats. The black and red colouring creates a dramatic symbolism of Ukrainian culture, particularly of the black and red patterns embroidered on the shirts and the all-important red boots.

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